The history of production association “Khmelnitsklegprom” starts back in 1981, when at caster-mechanical plant a house work segment was established. Together with intention to gain independence and broaden production capacity the segment was transformed into small workshop with 50 people in 1984. Thanks to the home organized work the enterprise had a labor force of 2000 people working at home in Khmelnitskiy and Gorodok town by 1988. The enterprise was involved in production of clothes for newborn babies, children’s wear, hand knitted wear, women’s blouses skirts. There was also a segment involved in osier netting which produced decoration ornaments, baskets, etc.

In 1988 a foundation for a new building at Rybalka street 28 was founded, and the building construction works were finished by 1991. And only in 1995 with the arrival of new energetic director – Kulakov Volodymyr Ivanovych – and thanks to privatization the reconstruction and modernization of enterprise and the company continued its activity as Closed Jointed Stock Company “Khmelnitsklegprom” and a new building was finished at Rybalka strreet 28.

It was the time of fundamental change in practically all spheres of management - production, marketing, finance and investment policy. In 1997 a Modeling House was established – an art tandem of young designers, constructors and technologists who devoted themselves to elaboration of wide range of models of specialized clothes, uniform wear for military and other force served service including all possible variants of everyday and dress coats for all kinds of forces of Ukrainian Army and Navy, as well as for Security Service and Ministry of Internal Affairs. The models of women’s wear for internal market as well elaborated.

In 1998 the production was technically renewed: the old mashines we changes by newest JUKI, PFAFF, Durkopp. In 2000 the System of Automized Production JULIVI was installed, which allowed to change routine work of constructors and technologists into precise computer programs. The SAPR installment helped decrease the costs of production preparation, which allowed to qualitatively elaborating bigger amount of models with less time consuming.

In 2000 Letichev Sewing Company together with Volochysk Sewing Company in 2001 joined Closed Joint Stock Company “Khmelnitsklegprom”, thus creating over 2000 new workplaces. The results were rapid – the production volumes grew with incredible amount of orders and production releases. Together with orders from military service the company started to work with foreign customers on raw materials supplied by customer.

In 2002 the shaping department and preparation department underwent reconstruction which allowed create one more sewing department with capacity of 60 workplaces.

In 2004 the newest deck and shaping panels of American GERBER were installed. This made it possible to bring the joint into far higher level and qualitatively increase labor management as well as increase the quality of clothes.

The company paid much attention to quality control system. The personnel were instructed how to execute all operational procedure at every production stages as well as quality control system at every production stages. Thanks to export activity with partners from USA and Europe made it possible for the company to get higher quality of products.

The high quality of produced products became possible not only in regards to high technical level of the company but in the first place due to highest value – highly qualified, creative, purposeful personnel. The personnel stimulating system, moral as well material is purposed not only to execute the plans, but also to make personnel participate in process of self-improvement.

In 2005 the company finished the construction of cafe in the main building of “Khmelnitsklegprom”, where workers not only dine but also have a rest in quite and comfortable surrounding.

In 2006, in the process of creative work by the workers of the "Modeling House" of production association "Khmelnitsklegprom" were created the first collection of women's clothing under trade mark Jozefine collection and men's clothing under the trade mark VKStyle. From this moment, started active search of potential wholesale buyers in the territory Ukraine and the CIS countries wishing to purchase clothes of trade marks Jozefine collection and VKStyle.

And, finaly, the vital issue for everyone – where to live?

In period of 2004-2006 the joint company, the solely presented in Khmelnitskiy region, built a 10-level block of flats with dorm and flats for specialists. And the production association does not stop there. It is planned to build another house for employees of the enterprise.

In 2010, a line of presses for wet-heat treatment of finished products was purchased.

Now you can confidently say: "Behind the production association "Khmelnitsklegprom" - the future!".

The production association "Khmelnitsklegprom" it is:

  • fashionable clothes of excellent quality, which will satisfy customers with a demanding taste;
  • these are excellent working conditions, social protection of workers of association and comprehensive development of the team;
  • partnerships with customers;
  • mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign firms.